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Forget about the tedious, manual, repetitive tasks that prevent your staff from working on what matters. Digitize and automate your workflow to unleash sharp decision-making and optimal use of every office hour.

DocuWare increases the velocity of your department or organization by freeing up staff to focus on knowledge-driven work. With an intuitive interface, rich mobile capabilities and full cloud flexibility, DocuWare is built to optimize the most demanding processes.

Every DocuWare customer can:

  • Make any process paperless
  • Automate tedious manual tasks
  • Model digital workflows for the real world
  • Comply with current data security standards
  • Find any document in seconds
  • Drive entire processes right from mobile
  • And much more…

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  1. You'll see a live demo of DocuWare, giving you a feel for the user interface and how the basics work. We'll focus on  invoice processing so you can see how it relates to your team.
  2. We'll match the unique needs of your team with a practical timeline for getting DocuWare up and running. Implementation is usually fewer than three days.
  3. You'll access a completely free cloud trial so you can test DocuWare with your own documents, at your own pace. No credit card required.

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"Our return on investment was achieve in less than one year, but we saw immediate improvement in our customer service with our new ability to quickly place orders and address issues that may arise. DocuWare gave us real-time, transparent processes and seamless information flow between departments. We are very happy with DocuWare and couldn't live without it."

Bert van Os
Operations Manager, HB Munters Group
DocuWare Customer

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