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Watch the Webinar: Boost Productivity by Connecting Data Across All Enterprise Applications

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When your business systems and staff are seamlessly connected, you unlock new levels of productivity.

A document management solution that integrates with your existing applications allows your team to store and access any document from their familiar settings.

Move away from scattered, disconnected information applications by introducing a modern document management system.

With just one quick click, DocuWare's Smart Connect brings up the information you need - when and where you need it. This smooth interaction enables workers to swiftly carry out business processes and decision-making across multiple applications.

Picture this:
  • Quickly access documents stored - even in other third-party applications
  • Seamless exchange of data between applications
  • Improved data integrity and accuracy
  • Simple button placement within applications to retrieve any document with one click
  • Integration so there's no need to bounce between tools or learn how to use a new system
  • Greater productivity and better collaboration

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