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Watch the Webinar - Get Out of the Office: Set Up Mobile Office Automation for the Modern Workforce

June Webinar Series

It’s time to embrace the flexibility of mobile technology so knowledge workers can drive key business processes forward - anytime, from anywhere.

Equip your modern workforce for success by introducing a leading-edge mobile office automation solution. DocuWare’s mobile office automation features enable workers to excel on any device in their preferred environments – access key documents, trigger workflows, store documents, and more... 

Picture this:

  • A modern mobile workforce: create, manage, and share information on any device (any smartphone, tablet, or laptop)
  • Faster, smoother workflow processes: automate tedious paper processes to let your employees focus on work that matters. Avoid bottlenecks in workflows and stay connected
  • Collaborate without boundaries or travel times: engage the right employees without being constrained by geographical limitations
  • Happier work culture – set up people in environments they prefer and excel in

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Watch the Webinar