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Don't Let Your Dealership's Productivity Stay Stuck in 2nd Gear



Join our subject matter expert and other US dealership professionals for a practical 30-minute webinar and Q&A laying out how successful car dealerships are:

  • automating manual, mundane processes
  • saving large amounts of money and eliminating 3rd party services
  • ditching the paper-chase hassle

Discover simple steps your dealership can take to accelerate productivity and repurpose resources including:

  • Transforming the Deal Jacket Routine - scan, store and retrieve documents instantly and easily with custom admin access, eliminating potential security risks.
  • Integrating Repair Orders - whatever dealer management system you're using, find out how to seamlessly augment your document storage and retrieval capabilities.
  • Making it Work for You - leverage the features that save you time and money in your day to day - and you'll actually use - from email management to printing, saving and routing, to annotating and signing off, to shredding immediately without worry.

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